Line Balancing Team Leader

Checking process: Check whether the process is reasonable and need to be edited or not.

Researching difficult stages: Research sewing methods, difficult stages and documents.

Balancing line: Track the line balance for 3 days on line.

Making the process: Making the process for line

Updating the system: Update the process data system on the system

Direct and supervise IE team

  • Monitor and lead IE analysts to make flowchart and update SMV data; ensure the accuracy and on time update of flowchart and SMV data.
  • Guide and lead IE analysts to update GSD code; ensure the accuracy of code.

RFT appraisal

  • Appraise RFT for IE analyst’s flowchart and report to GSD supervisor every month; ensure that the appraisal is accurate and submitted timely.
  • Appraise RFT for IE flowchart and report to GSD supervisor every month; ensure that the appraisal result is accurate and submitted timely.

Address issues related time study and thread consumption: Deal with and assess other departments’ issues and concerns which involve time and motion study and thread consumption; ensure all concerns are addressed and handled effectively.

Innovation report: Follow up innovation reports from other regions and provide innovation report for GSD supervisor on time.

Assist GSD supervisor: Support GSD supervisor to supervise and monitor IE team; perform other tasks assigned.

Company Policies Compliance

  • Champion the implementation of environment, health, safety and security programs and activities to achieve a safe, secure, clean and healthful work environment.
  • Champion the implementation of all management systems and quality initiatives.
  • Take responsibility in complying with the company’s code of conduct and discipline.

Corporate Compliance: Coordinates internal and external audits. Ensures that all documentation meets audit requirements.


  • Actively participate in company’s drive for Continuous Improvement
  • Performs other functions that may be assigned for the achievement of the department and company goals.

Education/ Major:  Intermediate or higher

Ability/ Skill:  Ability to sew clothes

Experience:  3 years

Language:  Specializing with level A

Computer:  Level A

  • The company provides free a meal for lunch and dinner for employees working overtime.
  • Annual health check up
  • Besides basic salary, the company also provides allowances such as: Attendance, Living cost, House rent, Transportation/Gas, Childcare support, 21.5% social allowance during the probationary period.
  • Bonus: Incentive bonus programs for employees; Initiative bonus; The company provides gift cash for employees during weddings, childbirth, and cash donations or charity for funeral, illness, calamity and disaster; Workplace monthly birthday celebration.
  • 13th-month pay and holiday pay for Victory Day and Independence Day.
  • Monthly recognition programs such as Best Employee and Best Contributor.
  • Seniority awarding and service award to recognize an employee for her/his longevity or tenure with the organization.
  • Sports and recreational activities to promote teamwork and raises morale of employees.
  • Email:
  • Phone/Zalo: 0978.051.715 (Mr. Dung)
  • Address: No 12 Street 07 VSIP II, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam