Sprinta (VN) Co., Ltd.





Date Started: March 2003
Total Area: 11,068 m²
Workforce: 1,550
Address: Lo 58-60, Khu Che Xuat Linh Trung 2, P. Binh Chieu Q, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam.
Contact number: +84 37291 891

Sprinta (VN) was officially put into operation in December 2002 with a total area of ​​11,068.41 square meters with a manufacturing of garments with a team of experienced staff throughout the formation and development of the company, Sprinta (VN) has been asserting in the region.

The company’s current capacity is about 3,000,000 products / year with a total of 1500 employees and 30 sewing lines.

Organizational Chart

Human Resource


The Company is committed to strict adherence to the control of the implementation of State regulations as well as customer standards on recruitment, salaries, bonuses, benefits, insurance, ensuring rights and benefits of workers. Sprinta (VN) ensures the development and implementation of policies against forced labor, harassment, discrimination, women’s rights, as well as strict adherence to child labor and juvenile worker. The company always creates conditions to develop personal competence, respect the personality and dignity of each employee, from which orientate to develop the company be stronger in the future.

Compensation and Benefits
  • The company also pay allowances such as: attendance, living cost, house renting & gasoline, childcare, 21.5% social insurance during probation time.
  • Incentive bonus for Production/ QMS/ QA/ PPIC/ WH/ PPIC, Sub process, cutting.
  • The employee suggestion system.
  • Bonus on holiday: Victory day, Independence Day, 13th salary.
  • Gift by cash on the occasion of employees’ wedding, giving birth or funeral, sickness, fire or disaster.
  • Arrange monthly birthday ceremony to all employees from company side and small gifts from TU side.

Talent and Development

Sprinta Company (VN) plans and implements 100% training on labor rules, customer standards, forced labor and harassment regulations as well as safety and hygiene regulations. , labor, professional knowledge before starting to do the job.

Training courses on soft skills such as presentation skills, skills to use PowerPoint, and how to write emails in English are also conducted to improve and develop oneself for the staff. The training department is gradually formed and developed to meet the needs of skill and professional development for employees with training programs and qualifications for internal lecturers, gratitude for employees performing training course at the factory.


The latest job postings are regularly updated on company bulletin boards, on social networking sites like Facebook, Zalo, and recruitment web for easy access to the workforce as well as search for talent for the company.

The principle of hiring is no discrimination in terms of gender, religion, social composition, ethnicity, physical characteristics, etc. regardless of family relationship factors. With employees at all levels of the Company that rely on the candidate’s own competencies. In particular, for unskilled workers, the company is willing to receive and train with paid salaries and full regimes. The policy of bonuses introduced to employees is also implemented to increase human resources, meeting the production needs of the company.

Working Environment

Regarding the working environment and rights of employees, the company also focuses on promoting in order to create the best working conditions for employees:

  • The company providing free lunch and meal for work overtime.
  • Cooling system, ensuring health for employees.
  • The company provides clean drinking water, hygienic and testing the quality quarterly.
  • Toilet system is clean and fully equipped.
  • Medical room, health care inside the company. All employees have health and occupational disease checkup 2 times / year.

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