About Us

Sports City International (SCI) group was established in April 1988, specializing in the manufacture of sports clothing. After more than 30 years of operation, the total number of employees of the group is more than 35,000, and its facilities located in Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. SCI has not only become the top three manufacturers of globally well-known sportswear brands. Through our efforts and continuous technological innovation, we manufacture comfortable and beautiful products, bring people better clothing enjoyment, and move towards becoming a world-leading company in the garment manufacturing industry.

SCI composed of many experts with garment profession, many years of experience have accumulated a sound management system. In the garment manufacturing industry, SCI has become a leading manufacturer and is also known for its first-class productions and high efficiency with the right quality in the industry.


History of Beginning

Sportscity International In. (SCI) was established in 1988, our first base was in Zhongshan N. Rd. of Taipei city with three office tables and four employees only, including our founder; however, we are so proud to tell the world that SCI with 35,000 loyal and dedicated talents as of now and the expansion is still ongoing.

During the year 1994 to 2012 with one factory a year expansion speed, today, we have got 14 manufacturing facilities around the world, and the number 15 factory is coming soon, which fully display the strong ambition and commitment with client’s growth in the garment industry.

In the past 30 years, SCI has established, expanded, challenged and transformed as what we are now; for the next 30 years, we are looking forward to creating new chapters with our talents, smart factory and digital management system.


MISSION – Partner For Success In Sportswear

VISION – Product and Service Provider

GOAL – Core Vendor Our Customer

CORE VALUES – Teamwork, Accountability, Proactive and Continuous Improvement

Worldwide Regions



Taiwan – Head office located in Taipei Nei Hu Technology Park, taking care of the functions such as marketing, order allocation, material supply, system engineering and global HR and finance team.

Vietnam – Good at producing high tech and broad range product types with three facilities in the south part of Vietnam.

Philippines – There are six manufacturing facilities clustered in Mactan island Cebu province, and main strength can offer big capacity and wide range of product lines and our owned printing house to our clients; Cebu region is our the biggest manufacturing base for years.

China – The main strength of the China region is the strongest and the most experienced development team and skilled production workers.

Cambodia – Able to provide flexible capacity with a wide range of product lines and diverse artwork choices as there is complete and mature supply chain, including our owned printing house. Besides, it still keeps the high potential for future expansion with a young and robust workforce.

History Timeline

We Started

1988: Mr Gary established SCI’s Taipei office located at Zhongshan N. Rd. of Taiwan, and our first customer is Dollar General.

1990: Acquired SCI first factory-Globalwear Manufacturing Inc. (GMI) located in Mactan Economic Processing Zone I of Cebu city in the Philippines. Nike was our business partner.

1991: Started business with adidas & Columbia.

1995: Established the first factory-EVY in Indonesia.

1996: Acquired the second factory-BNA in Indonesia as well as set up first oversea merchandising development team.

1997: Established the second factory-MWI in Cebu and honored to have David Ma play the role of general manager. The first padded jacket produced in this year in SCI history.

1998: Established two new factories, SPX located in Cambodia and GLY situated in Sri Lanka.

1999: Acquired the third factory-MAI in Cebu.

2000: Established the fourth factory-FAC in Cebu and introduce LEAN to the manufacturing system.

2001: Established the first factory-HXG in China.

2002: Oversea adidas development team was established and excited to introduce new business partner-VF. Moreover, the 1st seamseal product type made in this year.

2003: Established the first factoy-Sprinta in Vietnam located in KCX Linh Trung 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

2005-2006: Excited to have new business partner-Under Armour join our group and established the second factory-HZG in China.

2007: Established the second factory Esprinta in Vietnam located in KCN Song Thanh 2, BD but closed business in Sri Lanka; the remarkable thing is SCI had reached 10,000 employees from all regions.

2010: Introduced auto cutting machines to each region and established GM2 and MW2 in Cebu for expansion. As of this moment, the SCI group got 20,000 employees.

2011: Established two new factories-SPR in Cambodia and MA2 in Cebu and started a business with new partner Lululemon in the year 2011 and we are “vendor of the year” for Under Armour.

2012: Established the third new factory-SPS in Cambodia and close business in Indonesia. SCI headquarter established in this year located in Nei Hu Technology Park Taipei City.

2014: Established new factory VT1 in Cebu.

2017: SCI got 30,000 employees and the total sales amount breaker through the historical record.

2018: Kicked off SNP smart factory located in KCN VSIP2 Vietnam and we are honored to receive the award from Under Armour “vendor of the year” again.

2019: SCI has got 35,000 employees from Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, China and Cambodia with 14 factories and two development centers.

2020: We look forward to creating the future with every one of you.

Strategic Focus Areas


To stand out from the competition and strive to be the industry leader in sportswear manufacturing, we treasure our strength of development capability; this is the reason we are always on the top list of our clients. In SCI Vietnam, you will experience the most vigorous environment and challenges that enable you to grow. Join us and be a partner of success to the best-known international sports brands.


Quality is one of the most important criteria when consumers choose products. In our teams, there are experts in each professional area as the work with quality is integrated into the whole process. We offer a complete and continuous training to our staffs in order to make the cross-functional teams understand we are under the same roof to perform high-quality products to the end customer around the world. This makes us proud!


In Vietnam, SCI tries our best to make no negative impact on the environment and economy through the manufacturing process. This includes not only meeting current demands with due concern to resource availability for future generations but caring for our staffs by providing salary and benefits package beyond the market. We take care of you as well as your future generations.


“Make manufacturing easy” is what we are heading for. We have a dedicated team of engineers focusing on realizing manufacturing and office process automation which relieves our staffs of the traditional tiring and tedious operations. Also, SCI has been continuously investing in and awarding people who have solution-driven mindsets. The accountability we empowered you helps us create a better work environment.