SNP (VN) Co., Ltd.



Date Started: April 2018
Total Area: 29,941.6 m²
Workforce: 4,000
Address: So 12 VSIP2, Duong so 7, KCN VSIP2, Phuong Hoa Phu, Thanh pho Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong, Vietnam.
Contact Number: +84 274 3865 551

SNP Co., Ltd. started construction in 2015, completed the infrastructure in early 2018 and started recruiting in April 2018. By the end of April 2019, after one year of operation, the factory completed the first sewing plant with 26 sewing lines and expanded the second sewing plant from May 2019.

In 2019 the factory has nearly 1800 employees with 32 sewing lines and other process and department.

Organizational Chart

Human Resource

  • The factory is committed to complying with labor law, legal practices, and mandatory requirements.
  • To commit to respecting human rights and will refrain from any activity to abuse human rights.
  • Prohibits all forms of forced labor, child labor, and enforce legislation to protect workers’ rights.
  • Complies with all applicable laws and directive, which promulgate non-discrimination and prohibits harassment of any employee or any applicant for employment.
  • To meet all legal requirements for wages and benefits.
  • To arrange a suitable working time base on regulations and customer standards.
  • To recognize and respect the right of employees to join and organize associations of their choosing and to bargain collectively.
  • To commit to treat with respect and dignity every employee.


Compensation and Benefits
  • Besides basic salary, the company also provides allowances such as: Attendance, Living cost, House rent, Transportation / Gas, Childcare support, 21.5% social allowance during the probationary period.
  • Incentive bonus programs for employees reporting to Production, Quality Management Systems (QMS), Quality Assurance (QA), Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC), and Warehouse (WH).
  • Initiative bonus
  • 13th-month pay and holiday pay for Victory Day and Independence Day.
  • The company provides gift cash for employees during weddings, childbirth, and cash donations or charity for funeral, illness, calamity and disaster.
  • Workplace monthly birthday celebration.
  • Monthly recognition programs such as Best Employee and Best Contributor.
  • Seniority awarding and service award to recognize an employee for her/his longevity or tenure with the organization.
  • Sports and recreational activities to promote teamwork and raises morale of employees.

Talent and Development
  • Provides the new employee with concise and accurate information, deliver company orientation that focuses on areas like company regulations, health and safety, systems guide and quality.
  • Unskilled workers are adequately trained before delegating them to their respective assignments.
  • The “3 golden keys for a good leader” program with the aim of equipping more knowledge and skills for the production mid-management team.
  • The “knowledge and law personnel” program for HR and Compliance staff to improving knowledge.
  • Train the trainer, intensive training program to develop the internal corporate trainer’s ability to conduct effective training programs, from the methodology, needs analysis, execution, and evaluation.
  • We organize free English classes and computer lessons.
Recruitment Policy
  • Fast and straightforward recruitment process, saving time for the candidate.
  • Company does not distinguish gender, physical characteristics, social composition, religion, ethnicity, family relation. We value and aim to protect equality, assess employees’ qualifications and competencies.
  • Unskilled candidates will undergo training and receive compensation and other allowances.
  • All recruitment needs are shared and updated on the website, social media, and company bulletin.
  • The company also apply employee referral bonus, and other talent acquisition bonus programs to attract new talents.

Working Environment

  • The company provides free a meal for lunch, and dinner for employees working overtime.
  • State of the art cooling system in place, achieving the optimum temperature at the workplace, which enables a comfortable working environment for our employees.
  • The company provides clean drinking water. Regularly monitored and tested every quarter.
  • Modern machinery system.
  • Tidy and fully equipped comfort rooms.
  • Health care and medical room inside the premises with specialized doctors and nurses. All employees have health and occupational disease check-up two times/year.
  • Coffee shop inside the factory.
  • Green area 20% of the total factory area, creating a green and airy space.

Events and Activities

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Line Balancing Team Leader

Checking process: Check whether the process is reasonable and need to be edited or not. Researching difficult stages: Research sewing methods, difficult stages and documents. Balancing line: Track the line…

IT Supervisor

Helpdesk Monitoring Analyzes Helpdesk operational history/statistics and do planning and implementation for improvements based from the history data. Ensures the proper coordination, escalation and resolution of IT service issues. Provides…

Sewing Scheduler

Plans and monitors production schedule Prepare the sewing schedule; ensure to complete schedule timely and accurately. Update sewing schedule in PMS. Monitor production progress; ensure to make possible adjustments to…