Esprinta (VN) Co., Ltd.




Date Started: March 15, 2007
Total Area:48,000 m²
Workforce: 6,500
Address: Duong so 12, Di An, Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam.
Telephone Number: 0274-737161      0274-737161
Mobile Number: +84 096 3000 129
Fax: 0274.737160

Esprinta has been operating since Mar 2007. Our manufacturing products are garments. With the increasing development of the Company, Esprinta now has 6,500 employees and the capacity the factory achieves is around 13,000,000 products/year.

Organizational Chart

Human Resource


The Company commits the strict compliance to the control of the implementation of the government regulations as well as customer standards on recruitment, salaries, bonuses, benefits, insurance, ensuring rights and benefits of workers. Esprinta (VN) ensures the development and implementation of policies about anti-forced labor, anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, women’s rights, as well as strict adherence to child labor and juvenile worker. The company always creates conditions to develop personal competence, respect the personality and dignity of each employee, from which orientate to develop the company be stronger in the future.

Compensation and Benefits

Besides basic salary, Esprinta employees enjoy allowances such as attendance, living cost, house renting and gasoline, childcare, 21.5% social insurance during probation time.

  • Incentive bonus for Production/ QMS/ QA/ PPIC/ WH.
  • Initiative bonus.
  • Bonus on holiday: Victory Day, Independence Day and year-end bonus.
  • Gift by cash on the occasion of employees’ wedding, birth giving or funeral, sickness, fire or disaster.
  • Arrange monthly birthday ceremony to all employees.
  • Arrange Best Contributor and Best Employee programs.
  • To be grateful to employees who have long seniority.

Talent and Development

To enhance the knowledge and skills for employees, Esprinta has established a training center from the day of the company establishment. Training activities are well planned and conducted throughout the year. Those activities are from training sewing skill for novices, enhancing sewers’ skill to courses of soft skills such as presentation skill, communication skill, supervisory skill, according to the training needs of the factory.


The principle of hiring is no discrimination in terms of gender, religion, social composition, ethnicity, physical characteristics, etc. regardless of family relationship factors. With employees at all levels of the Company that rely on the candidate’s own competencies.

In particular, for unskilled workers, the company is willing to receive and train with paid salaries and full regimes.The policy of bonuses introduced to employees is also implemented to increase human resources, meeting the production needs of the company.The latest job postings are regularly updated on company bulletin boards, on social networking sites like Facebook, Zalo, and recruitment web for easy access to the workforce as well as search for talent for the company.

Working Environment

  • The company providing free lunch and meal for work overtime.
  • Cooling system, ensuring health for employees.
  • The company provides clean drinking water, hygienic and testing the quality quarterly.
  • Modern machinery system.
  • Toilet system inside the work area, clean and fully equipped
  • Medical room, health care inside the company with specialized doctors and nurse. Employees have health and occupational disease checkup 2 times / year.

Events and Activities

Birthday gifts

Company will give gifts to employees who have a birthday in the same month.

Best Contributors program

Direct Superior will choose the best contributors (Based on The best contributors Criteria) and give the best contributors 2 recognition cards: • 1 recognition card will be put on the…

Best Employee program

The Program will choose the best employees who meet the highest score in each group monthly, quarterly, yearly then the best employees will be honoured on the Wall of Fame.

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