IT Supervisor

Helpdesk Monitoring

  • Analyzes Helpdesk operational history/statistics and do planning and implementation for improvements based from the history data.
  • Ensures the proper coordination, escalation and resolution of IT service issues.
  • Provides guidance to the systems, programming, and other IT staff in the solution of hardware/software related problems.
  • Directs the activities of subordinates in the development of new information technology systems and enhancement of existing automated systems.
  • Analyzes the computer and information needs of the company from an operational and strategic perspective, and determine short and long-range personnel and equipment requirements.
  • Evaluates, reviews, and approves requests for information systems hardware, software, or services.
  • Ensures the availability, continuity and security of data and information technology services.
  • Ensures the upkeep, maintenance and security of networks.

Server maintenance & monitoring

  • Maintains, monitors, installs, and upgrade server to ensure data integrity and security in all servers
  • Monitors anti-virus protection
  • Ensure continuous training in Information Technology for future implementation
  • Filtering of unsolicited email and virus and handling of confidential info in the email server
  • Ensures the proper provisioning of access levels and permissions to different users according to user’s functions.
  • Conducts a regular clean-up of user accounts from the server and will also provide a regular updates on the inventory lists of users once a month.
  • Provides a reliable and efficient backup solution and does regular monitoring of backup process to ensure the availability and reliability of all data backup.
  • Administers, updates, upgrades and does revisions of the systems in a timely manner.
  • Responds immediately to server issues and will provide detailed reports for every issues or downtimes.

IT Documentation

  • Changes documents on the server configuration
  • Records problems encountered in the server operation

IT Evaluation

  • Evaluates, proposes and plans major configurations, changes or upgrades of the IT infrastructure.
  • Monitors and examines the work of contractors to ensure that their products, services and IT project specifications comply with the agreed specifications and agreements.
  • Reviews proposals and plans on the revisions, reconfigurations, upgrades or changes of the corporate network.
  • Provides employees with procedures and necessary training with regards to the changes and upgrades in the IT infrastructure for the proper administration, maintenance, protection and operation of servers and networks to the IT members.

Leadership and Supervision

  • Monitors and controls the budget for the department to ensure that critical items and equipment are in place for efficient operations.
  • Develops existing competency level of subordinates to respond to changing organizational needs and initiate skills or performance enhancement program of employees.
  • Coaches, supervises, reviews and monitors the performance of subordinates and make recommendations on personnel movements, promotions and transfers.
  • Monitors and enforces the compliance of subordinates to company policies.
  • Supervises department staffing including workload distribution, hiring, development and conversely, letting go those who do not meet the company’s performance standards.
  • Recommends approval and monitors overtime and leaves to properly authorize staff requests.
  • Ensures that appropriate safeguards for the team are in place and enforce safety and security procedures to avoid accidents and consequently, company’s loss time.
  • Maintains the highest level of integrity and corporate ethical standards in its business dealings with people and organizations to ensure business control.

Software mentoring

  • Recommends, evaluates, implements and monitors needed software (GP8000,PMS, & others) of the various departments
  • Evaluates all software the company uses
  • Monitors the performance of all software programs used
  • Monitor and review PMS schedule processing from and to SCI
  • Review MIS reports and communications locally and to other locations
  • Design and implement effective network cabling
  • Design, implement, monitor and maintain network appliance (firewall/router/switches/hub/bridge)

Telephone System

  • Set up Telephone number in the telephone system
  • Send monthly Report to Accounting

MIS Inventory & Report: Maintains, monitors and evaluates database of company

Hardware Use

  • Recommends, evaluates, implements and monitors needed hardware of the various departments of the company
  • Evaluates all hardware the company uses
  • Monitors the performance of all hardware programs used
  • Monitoring of CCTV maintenance activities (DVR and Cameras)

Business Controls

  • Assist in any programs designed to improve quality and efficiency of the operational processes as well as to reduce costs
  • Propose and assists in developing, controlling and implementing cost effective systems of control over such activities as operating expenditures, manpower, salaries, wages and overtime

Company Policies Compliance

  • Champion the implementation of environment, health, safety and security programs and activities to ensure the active participation of the department and/or assigned committee to achieve a safe, secure, clean and healthful work environment for all employees at all times.
  • Champion the implementation of all management systems and quality initiatives of the company.
  • Take responsibility in complying with the Company’s Code of Conduct and Discipline.

Corporate Compliance: Coordinates internal and external audits. Ensures that all documentation meets audit requirements.


  • Actively participate in company’s drive for Continuous Improvement in all its business processes.
  • Performs other functions that may be assigned for the achievement of the department and company goals.

Education/Major: College level or higher above in IT
Ability/ Skill: Communication skill, teamwork, troubleshooting, customer service
Experience: More than 1 years in Hardware and Network Administrator
Language: Communication of English
Computer: Hardware, Network Administrator

  • The company provides free a meal for lunch, and dinner for employees working overtime.
  • Annual health check up
  • Besides basic salary, the company also provides allowances such as: Attendance, Living cost, House rent, Transportation / Gas, Childcare support, 21.5% social allowance during the probationary period.
  • Bonus: Incentive bonus programs for employees; Initiative bonus; The company provides gift cash for employees during weddings, childbirth, and cash donations or charity for funeral, illness, calamity and disaster; Workplace monthly birthday celebration.
  • 13th-month pay and holiday pay for Victory Day and Independence Day.
  • Monthly recognition programs such as Best Employee and Best Contributor.
  • Seniority awarding and service award to recognize an employee for her/his longevity or tenure with the organization.
  • Sports and recreational activities to promote teamwork and raises morale of employees.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV to

  • Email:
  • Phone/Zalo: 0978.051.715 (Mr. Dung)
  • Address: No 12 Street 07 VSIP II, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam