Visit the Cancer Patients

On July 26th, 2019, after receiving the information asking for help from the head of the department for Mr. Le Minh Dien, from line 26 was infected with LYMPHOM HODGKIN (lymphoma) currently being treated at Ho Chi Minh City Cancer Hospital, the Trade Union with the factory quickly called for donations and support throughout the factory.
On August 08th, 2019, with a total amount of VND 42.813.000, on behalf of all the workers, the Board of Directors, the Trade Union and some supervisors were present at Mr. Dien’s house to hand over the donated and warm affection from SPT family.

Supporting a large amount of money in a short time has contributed a lot to helping Mr. Dien’s family in the most difficult time, helping him to overcome his illness and have the opportunity to return to work. Currently, Mr. Dien’s condition has gradually stabilized, he also sends his most sincere thanks to the SPT family.